Doctor Solev Yojoct (nullset) wrote in photophoto,
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Because one person posting in a community isn't enough....

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Them be some preettttyyy pictures, man. I LOVE the last one.
I always wanted to take a picture of something splashing like that
I think I turned up my shutter speed ('cause I have an SLR and not a digital camera). I wouldn't have minded taking it with a tripod and a delayed shutter speed, that would have been interesting.

Or a jumbled mess, I'm not quite sure
You turned it UP? Hmmm. Oh, yeah. I was thinking backwards. If it was WAY up, at like, 300 or 500, it would probably be pretty cool. I should get someone to drop a glass of milk so I can get that. lol. With a low speed though, wouldn't it get really blurry on you?
Yeah, I should have cranked it to 2000 and taken another picture, but alas I didn't, now Maryland is a ways away.

Oh well.