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I can't believe I never thought of joining a photography community. After math, it's pretty much my whole life. (There's that whole body-image thing, but that's a whole other issue.) Well, since I suck at life, I don't currently have any pictures scanned. Don't even hint at digital, because I would rather eat my own shit that touch one of those... pieces of shit. I hate digital, automatic... pretty much anything I don't do with my own hands. Pictures tend to come out a lot better when one sets them up 100% one's self. I'm going to go to the library or something and scan some pictures. Never expect to see anything from me in color, either, unless I photoshopped it... I like doing that thing where you take a black and white photo and put color in only some spots, or color in only one color. I love that. I'm sad that my course is ending, but when it does, my Dad is for sure going to feel bad that I can't develop anymore and drag out his enlarger and get some chemicals, which is good for me. He has a wicked nice one from like, the seventies. It's even better that the new ones at school... maybe because it's not broken and maimed. Those poor machines. He bought me a tank and two reels- a really nice one, too. I wonder what he thinks I'm going to do with it since there's no way in hell it's ever going to feel the wrath of Whitman-Hanson.
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